Our Story

Niño Boards was created in the deep neon bright rainbow sparkled recesses of Thomas Park's mind. Thomas is a graphic designer and children's book illustrator in Austin, Texas. You can check out more of his stuff here. He is married to a tough mamacita, Nocona, and has 4 insane niños: Izzy, Nathan (who wants us all to call him Jimmy), Chips, and Park.


When the niños started getting big enough to hop on a board and push their way down the street, Thomas recognized that the overwhelming majority of skateboards available to purchase were emblazoned with either graphics of gory skull eating death metal zombie slayers or just a plain lame lack of effort design. There were no skateboard designs making the niños jump up and down saying, "I want that one!" So, with the help of his ferocious little Creature's Thomas started using his boring graphic design day job skills to create rad rides for rad rascals! So, scroll around, find something that makes your niño smile, and enjoy the ride.

skateboards designed with kids in mind!
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